Hey, I'm Abby Diamond, CEO and founder of Diamond Cut Consulting, LLC.


I have 14+ years of experience writing music for film, television and advertising and running entertainment companies. Even more importantly though, I know how to get hired. I have coached hundreds of people across multiple industries on how to market themselves.This course is for anyone looking to gain confidence to break into a new business, or professionals who wish they had more consistent work and are curious "who cares"? You do, for starters. Let me be the nurturing push that sends you flying out of the nest and toward your goals.

The Vice President

  • 1 x two hour Zoom MasterClass "How to Get Hired" outlining a path to getting the gig on Sat September 3rd 10 AM - Noon

  • 1 x two hour Zoom MasterClass "How to Get Hired" outlining a path to getting the gig on Sat September 3rd 10 AM - Noon

  • 3 x Q&A Power Hours on Sat September 10th, 17th, and 24th from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Price: $295


"The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention." - Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

Pay attention. Be honest with your work. What are you avoiding out of fear or politeness? What's that thing you're not seeing in how you present yourself that could be preventing your career growth? Let's become accountable to ourselves and our goals. As Natasha Bedingfield once sang, "no one else will do it for you." Create a plan and act on it now.

  • Includes everything in the VP package PLUS

  • 2 private one hour consults with Abby.

Price: $495

The Efficient CEO

"You know you're doing the right thing when you don't have to tap dance" - Eve Babitz, Black Swans

For the antisocial worker who despises group fitness and learns better one-on-one or for anyone short on time. This package is for three private consults with Abby only.

  • 2 x Private One Hour Consulting Sessions with Abby to curate your boss journey

Price: $495

General Consulting

  • 15 Min Intro Consult: Free of charge. Let's meet and you can get a better sense of how we can cater your goals

  • 30 Min Consult: $100

  • 60 Min Consult: $200 [see: Efficient CEO package for cost-effective]


"Abby Diamond is THE resource for music-business and the business of making music. She’s been my closest confidant for years and helped navigate my career as a producer and mixer. Always open-minded, good humored and kind-hearted, Abby has an anecdote from her own experience to relate to anything I’ve ever brought to her; she’s walked the walk. I found new confidence in myself having Abby in my corner, and I know she’s there when I need her. In the business of making music—that’s invaluable, and rare.” -Chris Camilleri, engineer/producer

"I wanted to thank you for speaking with me in 2020. It really helped me refine my goals and gave me a better sense of what is out there -Zack Kraimer, composer/publicist

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